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Plan now to achieve the Retirement of your Dreams


Preparing for retirement can start at any age and needs to be looked at from every angle. We will help you navigate the multiple types of accounts and products available. Our process begins with a full evaluation of your current retirement plan and then identifying your goals as well as risk tolerance. We will then help you in making the best decision to achieve these objectives. 

Recently switch employers or retire?

We can rollover your current 401K to a retirement option tailored for your needs.

Retirement Options

  • IRAs: Qualified account that you can open and contribute pre-tax before age 70 1/2. 

  • Roth IRAs : An account established with post-tax contributions. Annual contribution limits are the same as with traditional IRA’s, but future distributions may be taken on a tax-favored basis. 

              Comparing a Traditional IRA vs a  Roth IRA

  • SEP IRAs: (Self Employeed Pension) A Traditional IRA for self employeed individuals or small business owners 

              Understanding SEPs and how they can work for you

  • ​529 PlansA tax-advantaged investment plan designed to ease the saving for the future higher education expenses of a designated beneficiary.  Earnings are not subject to federal tax and generally not subject to state tax when used for the qualified education expenses. Contributions to a 529 plan, however, are not deductible.

An Annuity is a specific type of  retirement account that come with several advantages. All funds that are contributed to these accounts accumulate on a tax-deferred basis (whether or not the account is qualified of non-qualified).These accounts are also creditor proof, bypass probate, have guarantee payouts. Below are a listing of the different types of annuities available through fcoa. To examine all the pro and cons of these accounts we recommend and full evaluation by one of our agents. 

            Annuities: The Key to a Secure Retirement

  • Fixed MYGA: (Muti Year Guarantee Annuity) An annuity where a stated fixed rate is given for one or multiple years on inception of account. 

  • Equity-Index Annuity: These annuity accounts include a fixed rate as well as multiple index allocation options where returns are based on performance of a benchmark index (such as s&p 500). There is not direct investment in this benchmark. There is also downside protection where the accounts return will never be less than zero. 

  • EIA with Guarantee Income Rider: This is equity index annuity with a optional rider that allows for a preset income payout in future years. There are often income account bonuses or guaranteed roll-up rates of the income value base. 

  • SPIA: (Single Premium Immediate Annuity)  This annuity is established for a payments to be taken at inception with a fixed return and payout. 

“I was referred to FCOA and the Kelly’s by a very good friend over 5 years ago. After interviewing several advisors, I made the decision to go with the Kelly’s on my retirement accounts. They have far exceeded my expectations always and have been there for me in all aspects of my personal finances. I would highly recommend them to anyone because they have served me 100%."


Bob Miskar


Fixed Annuities:

Bridging the gap between risk and reward

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